Workshop with Margaret Dyer in France


The great american pastel artist Margaret Dyer is coming to France!
She will be conducting a workshop about figurative painting. It will take place in May/June 2010 just 60 miles southeast of Paris.
So, if you don’t want to go all the way to the USA in order to learn from a great Master Pastelist this is your chance.
For detailed information click here.

Sharing a book
© Margaret Dyer
Blue robe
© Margaret Dyer

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  1. Gesa
    | Antworten

    Wow… what opportunity, I like her pastel work a lot and this sounds fascinating. Shame that I will be so skint as of end of this month :( …

    | Antworten

    Very nice. The blue robe pose looks so very natural. I also like sharing a book and your landscapes above. Wish I could say it in your language

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