Am Weizenfeld


Am Weizenfeld, Guoache, 10×10cm, Astrid Volquardsen, 2020

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  1. Sally Strand
    | Antworten

    Hi Astrid,
    I love your gouache paintings…and ALL your paintings!! Wonderful! I, too, am painting a lot more in gouache and really love it:) I hope you are doing well after your brain tumor surgery. I was and still am, very concerned for you. You are a survivor and a hero to fight back and get back in the game, no matter what. You are an inspiration to me, Astrid!
    Please stay in touch.
    Love to you,
    Sally Strand

    • Astrid
      | Antworten

      Yes you’re rigth gouache is a wonderful technique. I‘m doing fine. I‘m going to get in touch with you through email. Till then lots of love, Astrid

  2. Claudia
    | Antworten

    Toll wie du in deinen Bildern immer das »Licht anknipst«!
    Ich freu mich so, wie du das auch dieses mal so super hinbekommen hast!

    Liebste Grüße

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