2010 © Astrid Volquardsen   The idea for the monotypes first came to me during an exhibition visit in Paris. Reading some information about Degas‹ work, it struck me, that some of his pastels were done over monotype. Degas applied … Read More



It’s funny how things sometimes evolve. In comparison to my earlier paintings the small colorstudies are less detailed, lines have almost vanished. The values are very limited, now it’s range is much closer and with a more monochromatic color. The … Read More



After all this snow the thaw set in and guess what: there was fog all over again. Right know I’m thinking of doing small fog studies with some light sources. Winterfog, Pastel, 17×27cm 2010 © Astrid Volquardsen Related Posts On … Read More

Artist Air


As a pastel artist who is working on a sanded surface, the health issue is constantly on my mind. The dustexposure can’t be ignored and I always used small air filters in my old studio. My studio is much bigger … Read More

My studio

The studio is diveded by a big shelf, which I use for the storage of my frames, framing material etc. The bubble wrap prevents it from dusting.Now, I want to open up my studio for you, so you can have … Read More

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