Life at La Bonne etoile

Margaret Dyer writes on her blog about her sty over here in France. It’s worth to have a look. For us it’s back to the studio today, because it will be the last day. © Astrid Volquardsen Related Posts How … Read More

Athmosphere to live in

© Astrid Volquardsen I never have stayed in such a nice accomodation during a workshop. It’s such a nice athmosphere to live in. In the evening they put on a fire in the fireplace (that’s what I call a fireplace!!!) … Read More

painting, painting, painting…

The days over here are very intensiv: If we’re not working, we’re chatting, talking and/or eating. This is very easy to do if three different nationalities and generations are coming together. The past two days we have spent with painting, … Read More

Demo with Margaret Dyer

Yesterday Margaret made a Demo which was really fascinating… © Astrid Volquardsen She starts with a loose characol drawing © Astrid Volquardsen   She breaks down the picture into three values and starts with dark colors, but not with the … Read More