Humor helps healing

The front cover of my new sketchbook. Wherever I am in the doctor’s office, I have a nose ready for every employee or patient. The laughing success proves me right. And it also releases endorphins from me. Related Posts A … Read More

Warm up

Warm up, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen Recently I started using black/white studies for my warm ups in the studio. After 20 Minutes I have reached my right side of the brain. I use Ultramarine Blue/ Burnt Umber/ Titan white to mix … Read More

Totobobo mask

If you work with pastels you should take into consideration to wear a mask to protect your lungs.There are various models available at the hardware store but I always had the feeling that I couldn’t breath so well. A couple … Read More

The creative process of an artist

Foto © 2015, Marc Volquardsen A creative process is inspiring, freeing, as well as struggling and eating up ones energies. Sometimes it all flows easily and sometimes it feels like as if I am standing on a cliff and must … Read More

Finissage at the gallery Chaco

Wow, this week was some kind of a ride! I sold paintings, got new commissions, met many new people and talked to even more. I am blessed with this kind of life. The gallery owner and me made new exciting … Read More

Painting live at the Gallery Chaco

What wonderful days at the gallery Chaco. To all my new readers a warm welcome. If you want to receive automatically new blog updates please subscribe on the left at the sidebar. Yesterday I wasn’t able to finish the painting … Read More

Painting live at the Gallery Chaco

© 2014, Astrid Volquardsen Yesterday I have started to point live at the gallery. This is my set up in the window of the gallery. Thanks so much for all the feedback and nice conservations I had so far and … Read More

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