Plein Air: At the beach of Rantum

At the beach of Rantum, 22×30cm, oil on canvas Because of the eastwind we had hardly any waves but you have to live with what you get. In my case it was all those warm and muddy grey colors. Yummy. … Read More


Am Skagerrak, Pastell, 40x 70cm, Astrid Volquardsen This painting goes home with a new collector. It moved me so much when I framed it and had a last look. It reminded me so strongly about the time I had spend … Read More

Plein Air: Norderoogsand

Foto: Marc Volquardsen, 2017 On Sunday it was time again for a trip to the wadden sea and the beautiful island of Norderoogsand. This time I wanted to pain plein air. I was really excited to start because I had … Read More

At the islands beach II, Oil on MDF

At the islands beach II, 15×30cm, Oil on bord, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen The longing continues… Related Posts At the islands beach Biike fire: A long tradition at the Northfrisian coast 5 day facebook challange Wintermorning (View to Lombardsbridge) Nordderoogsand II … Read More

Facebook challange day 2 : A day at the beach

  Wolkenband, 44×68 cm, Pastell, 2015 Astrid Volquardsen Esbjoerns Klit am Morgen, 23×73 cm, 2012 Astrid Volquardsen Blick zum Meer II, 30×125cm, Pastell, 2012 Astrid Volquardsen Related Posts Swoosh Flotsam Salt in the air View to the Sea (II) Hamburger … Read More

5 day facebook challange

I have been nominated by my artist friend Judy Skulborstadt for the facebook art challange. As I was scrolling through my paintings I realised how much I have done in the last years. I start with some very typical images … Read More

Nordderoogsand II (Oil on Linen)

Norderoogsand II Oil on linen, 30×60cm, 2016, Astrid Volquardsen Some of you might have wondered why I more or less stopped blogging. Well in these past month I gave some workshops and concentrated on my oil paintings. These have to … Read More

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