Passepartout: A decission for quality

It is very important to use acid free paper and materials for the mounting. Otherwise the paper might embrittle as a result from acid decay within the paper and might contaminate the pastel painting as well. I have found a … Read More

Museumsglas: a Decission for quality

All my paintings are framed with museums glass. This has the advantage of the best protection possible. The almost neutral colored glass makes it possible to look at the painting without any color changes and prevents the distracting reflection which … Read More


The last step for a good presentation of the painting is the framing. Here I show how I proceed. First of all I attach a double-faced adhesive tape on the back. After that I place it in its final position … Read More

Pigments: A decission for quality

Besides the painting surface one of the most important tools of an artist are the pigments which she or he uses. Different kind of qualities are offered and in my opinion it’s essential for the quality and longevity of a … Read More