Nocturne: Tug boats at night

In the upcoming exhibition there will be the strong colors of the lit ships at night as well. I just love to put down those red and yellow pigments. Something different for a change. Goldenes Licht, Pastell, 20×20 cm, © … Read More

Routine Job (II)

Routine-Job (II), Pastell, 20×20 cm © 2014, Astrid Volquardsen On a calm day without strong winds and waves this looks lie routine. But who knows: maybe it’s a beginner in front of all those joy sticks. This painting is at … Read More

Routine job

Routine Job, Pastel,13×13cm, © Astrid Volquardsen 2014 Sometimes this looks like a routine but I don’t think that it ever is. Related Posts Bugsier 2 in a rain shower Constant Full speed ahead! Red Tug (II) Red Tug

Tug boat: Kotug

Tug boat Kotug, Pastel, 13×13 cm, 2014 © Astrid Volquardsen, sold It doesn’t matter if the tug boats are laying at the pier or are in action, they always have this aura of dynamics. Related Posts Routine job Fairplay VI … Read More

Fairplay VI

Fairplay VI, Pastel, 13×13 cm, 2014 © Astrid Volquardsen Related Posts Routine job Tug boat: Kotug Constant II Constant Red Tug (II)

Maneuver III

Just lately we had the opportunity to watch closely one of the maneuvers where the container ships are supported by the tug boats. This time there were no winds or waves and this lead to the color combination. In the … Read More

Bugsier 2 in a rain shower

By now most of you probably know that I have a great affinity for rain clouds. I am deeply drawn to those motivs where the cranes of the harbour can hardly be seen in the rain. Bugsier 2 in a … Read More

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