Plein Air in St. Peter Ording: Cloudscape

We made a short stop at St. Peter Ording, because we wanted to attend at the open view of two fotographer friends. In the morning I used the extra time to paint the fantastic »cloudscapes«. How much I have missed … Read More

54° in the early morning

A pastel painting from my exhibition, which shows the famous stilt houses of St. Peter Ording. It gives shelter to either the restaurants, coast guards or toilets. In the winter time the beach will be regularly flooded and the stilts … Read More

St. Peter-Ording: View to Böhl

View to Böhl, 18×24cm, Öl, © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen sold Sometimes I ask myself if there is an art dirsctor up there. One single spot and the lighthouse of Böhl is illuminated. Related Posts Plein Air in St. Peter-Ording: Before … Read More

Plein Air in St. Peter-Ording: Before the rain

Before the rain, 20×30cm, Oil © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen sold The hot days are over and the rain clouds in Germany have cooled down the incredible heat. This morning, just before the rain took over I caught the last sun. … Read More

St. Peter-Ording: At the dunes

Am Dünensaum, Pastel20×48 cm, © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen Related Posts 54° in the early morning St. Peter Ording: Some paintings at the Chaco Gallery in Hamburg St. Peter-Ording Plein Air: Approaching rain St. Peter-Ording: View to Böhl Plein Air in … Read More

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