Pastel Journal Bronze Medal Award

Blick zum Meer II, 30 x 125 cm, 2012 Pastel Journal Bronze Medal Award © Astrid Volquardsen sold I am proud to announce that I was awarded the bronze medal in the 14th Pastel 100 competition for my painting »View … Read More

Shooting at the Hamburg Harbour

Last year we had the idea to do a small video about my work and paintings. Sounds good but it is not as easy as you might think. After we went to the Northfrisian islands last autumn, we went yesterday … Read More

Merry Christmas

I wish to all my readers a Merry Christmas and that nothing unexpected happens that will ruin your festive dinner. Related Posts Shooting at the Hamburg Harbour

The Story Of Unison Color -2011 IAPS Presentation

During Summer 2011, The Managing Director of Unison Colour, Kate Hersey, travelled to New Mexico to the pastel convention where Kate attended as keynote speaker. In her talk she gave a brief history of Unison Colour and described how the … Read More


This isn’t the video of the TV team yet, but shows me at the easel in Austria/Wildkogel. With the help of my sketches, my plein air studies and a foto I show one possibilty how to turn this into a … Read More

On Computers

I don’t know about you guys, but once in a while the computer is a real mystery to me and doesn’t work the way I want to. The other day I accidentaly wiped some emails and they were gone. (Of … Read More

boesner TV

2010, © Marc Volquardsen Today, we had a visit from a TV team, who produces short video clips about artists for one of our big art supply stores in Germany. I was filmed at work, interviewed and they will put … Read More