Plein Air: At the beach of Rantum

At the beach of Rantum, 22×30cm, oil on canvas Because of the eastwind we had hardly any waves but you have to live with what you get. In my case it was all those warm and muddy grey colors. Yummy. … Read More

Biike 2018

Last night we went to the island of Sylt to celebrate the tradition Biike. Something like a big bonfire. It was the first time we had no wind and rain from left to right but a glory on the firmaments … Read More

The effect of seeing original paintings

After this exhibition, I (again) am surprised how big the difference is between viewing and judging a painting  in the internet and seeing it as an original in an exhibition. I think the people tend to forget that there is … Read More

April shower

April shower, oil board, 22×30cm, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen The warm sunny days will be leaving soon and I can finally post one of my paintings from April. These kind of clouds are my favourite ones. Well, or maybe the summer … Read More

Plein Air: Alster Park

Originally I wanted to post a painting from April, but that didn’t feel right, especially with the warm temperatures like yesterday. So here it goes a plein air study from the Alster park. Foliage is still missing. But if I … Read More

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