Bright evening


The evenings become brighter and brighter and our walks later and later. Bright evening, 10×6,5cm, Guoache, 2020, Astrid Volquardsen Related Posts Schwanenwik vantage point (study) Madame S. The Pilot The moon accompanied by stars Be comfortable in being uncomfortable



Venus, 10×10cm, Guoache, 2020, Astrid Volquardsen Related Posts No related posts.

Market Woman


In 2016, the Elbe Festival to celebrate the existence of Hamburg’s Sandtorhafen took place for the first time. How quickly time flies! There I met the crew members, who proudly told me about the new construction of their Ewers. (Uns … Read More

The Pilot

I’m really starting to get going. As the Elbe pilot. I find the combination of sketch, colour application and free space particularly appealing in the design. For me this means a new exploration, which gives me a lot of fun. … Read More

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