Maman, regarde! (Mom,look!)


It was a long time ago, but I remember it clearly as if it were yesterday.

Maman, regarde! (Mum, look!), Gouache, 20×20, Astrid Volquardsen, 2021

It was a hot day outside the Louvre in Paris and we were waiting to be admitted to the Musee de l‹Orangerie. (Claude Monet’s infamous works of water lily paintings are on display there).
Time to pay attention to what was happening around me. Immediately this girl caught my eye. She was playing in the sand, lost in thought, only to jump up with a leap and shout »Maman, regarde!« (Mum, look!) to draw attention to her treasure.


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  1. Schumacher
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    Mit wenig so viel auszudrücken, toll Astrid. Deine Erläuterungen zu den Farbmischtechniken lese ich mit großem Interesse. Vielen Dank fürs Teilen .
    Liebe Grüße, Ergül

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