Finally …. plein air!

Unfortunately two years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumor that was partially removed. It left me right sided paralyzed, with aphasia and with epilepsy. This is my working hand it it wasn‘t an easy way to get back.  I have a motto: »What you do today can influence all your tomorrows.« (Ralph Marston) According to this motto, I approach my motor skills, concentration, endurance and LIVE.

And this shows me after 2 and half years later, taking on plein air painting again!

In live, all comes down to this:Live is about choice and attitude.

This post is aimed at those people whose live doesn’t work out the right way and takes an unexpected turn.




It loses a little bit of this diary character and turns into a color study book.

Peony, Gouache, Sketchbook, Astrid Volquardsen, 2020


Especially the red and green tones have done it to me. There is one red that I like best: Chinacridone violet by Horadam Schmincke. Exactly this colour tone came across me in the form of a peony/farmer rose. Of course I lack my grey tones in this version, because originally it was the brush application that mattered to me. Which brush leaves which traces.




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