Plein Air: Alster Park

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Originally I wanted to post a painting from April, but that didn’t feel right, especially with the warm temperatures like yesterday. So here it goes a plein air study from the Alster park. Foliage is still missing. But if I wait a week or two I don’t need to add it any more.

Plein Air study, 20×30cm, oil on linen, mouted on board, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen



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Waiting, 13×13 cm, Oil on bord, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen

It won’t be long till the cold times return.

This painting will be part of my next exhibtion.




Warm up

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Warm up, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen

Recently I started using black/white studies for my warm ups in the studio. After 20 Minutes I have reached my right side of the brain.

I use Ultramarine Blue/ Burnt Umber/ Titan white to mix my greys.


Plein Air: View from the Krugkoppel bridge

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Alsterlicht, Plein Air Studie, Öl auf Hartfaser, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen

On the warm days towards the end of summer one can have a fantastic view across the Alster lake. Because everybody knows the warm days won’t last forever everybody seeks the opportunity to spend time on the water.

Later I was asked by a young couple if I would see the world any differently than any regular person? Ui, good question. I indeed believe that a schooled artist eye sees differently. But that’s the same with any musician who reacts to different kind of music ora  sailor who recognizes the the slightest change of wind.

I am deeply convinced that if society raises their heads from their smart phones they would be surprised by how much beauty they are surrounded.


Foto: Astrid Volquardsen


Plein Air: Septembersailing

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Septembersailing,Oil on linen, 22×30cm, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen

The days are getting shorter.

On the last beautiful September days I went to the Alster for some plein air painting. I was standing on the east side of the lake Alster, just in front of the hotel Atlantik.

Not long and the sail boats will be all gone and be prepared for the winter season.

Plein Air Set Up, Astrid Volquardsen

This oil painting will be part of my show »Hamburgensien« in the Galerie Levin in Holm Seppensen in the beginning of November .


The blue springs of Yellowstone

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Sketchbook, ink and guaoche, Astrid Volquardsen, 2017


There aren’t many places on earth which left such an impression on my soul like the geysire and springs and pools as Yellowstone did. Right at the first stop the blue and turquoise of Abyss pool caught my painters eye.


Foto: Marc Volquardsen, 2017


The Nationalparks Grand Teton and Yellowstone

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After the workshop with Scott Christensen was over we drove just a short while and reached the grand Teton National park. My oh my, what kind of landscape this is. First it reminded me of the Alps, and then it does not. It’s somehow different. Anyway with every hike we did, I embraced it with my deepest soul. In the beginning I was still trying to paint but the further we went the less I painted. Sometimes you just have to take it in.


Plein Air Studie at Schwabachers Landing,
Foto: Marc Volquardsen, 2017

The following days we got up early, but because of the jet lag that wasn’t a problem. By doing this we escaped the masses and often we hardly  met any people at all.

This is a national park with wild animals and not a pet zoo. We always saw these warning signs and all of us were carrying the bear spray. But seriously, how big is the chance that we have an encounter with a bear? Well, actually very big as we were to find out.

Foto: Marc Volquardsen, 2017

In the middle of a hike around Jenny Lake we were approached by a ranger who asked us to leave the hike trail and step up the hill. A black bear with her two cups was just around  the corner. Well, that’s somehow the most dangerous encounter one can have. (Besides a carcass and a hungry bear).

But lucky for us the mother went straight into the lake to take a swim. That was one of the most cutest thing I have ever watched. After 5 minutes we left the scene and went on our hiking trail. We didn’t want to risk anything.


Foto: Marc Volquardsen, 2017

The week before one of the workshop participants had said:

»How do you differ the poops of a black bear and a grisly? Well, the poop of a black bear has wood berries in it. The poop of a grisly, bear spray.«

Thanks for the very encouraging words, dude!

And yes, we also saw a grisly the next week in Yellowstone. But luckily he was on the other side of the river.

We did some pretty awesome hikes during this three weeks and my husband has the most amazing photographs:

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