Market Woman


In 2016, the Elbe Festival to celebrate the existence of Hamburg’s Sandtorhafen took place for the first time. How quickly time flies!

There I met the crew members, who proudly told me about the new construction of their Ewers. (Uns Ewer) Typical for the ship type of the Ewers is a so-called flat bottom, exactly right to transport vegetables in the river deltas of the Elbe. This was and is cultivated in the Vierlanden, just outside Hamburg. Only today it is transported by truck and then by motorway.

The members presented themselves in historical clothes and so I came to pictures of the market woman.

Market Woman, Gouache, 18×18cm, 2020, Astrid Volquardsen


The paper I use (Toned Tan by Strahmore) works best the less I paint on it: That means: put shapes in gouache, leave them alone. If I use fewer brushstrokes, the better the painting will be. Richard Schmidt once said so beautifully: Don’t fiddle around.

What was just meant to be a trial and error now turns out to be my new artistic direction.

Madame S.

On a last warm summer day 2 years ago, she suddenly stood in front of me: Madame S. – as if she had emerged from a painting by Manet. She told me that she and her husband liked to dress in 19th-century style. They did so in the context of »lived history« (The Emperor is coming) and as on this day, in their free time. Madame S. told me with pride that she had sewn this dress herself.

Madame S.
Madame S., Gouache, 15c15cm, 2020, Astrid Volquardsen

My new workplace – height adjustable

I am a great fan of working on the easel, but I can’t do it again yet.
So that I can start painting again, we came up with the idea of a new desk – height adjustable!

Immediately I had the clip »mikes new car« in mind.
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We conquer new worlds

Astrid & Marc auf dem Hase Pino
Astrid & Marc on the Hase Pino


Since this weekend and in time for the beginning of spring, we are proud owners of a so called step tandem. I can step in front as stoker, secured with a belt, or let it go. The tandem has a freewheel for the front drive! And we both have a view to the front, because we are sitting on different heights. Because of my epilepsy I can’t do water sports anymore and should avoid overexertion. Therefore this tandem is the ideal »sports equipment« for both of us.

Auf dem Pino
It’s fun too

Schwanenwik vantage point (study)


I imagine with all my heart what it’s like to be at the Alster this spring. This does not affect the winter sketch.

Aussichtspunkt Schwanenwik (Vorstudie)
Schwanenwik vantage point (study)


This sketch was made on normal paper. The final version will be on watercolor paper. For me it was an exploration of the composition.

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