The moon accompanied by stars


I have received a poem from a dear reader that I am unfortunately not allowed to publish for copyright reasons. (Mascha Kaléko).

It is about the night in which one is haunted by fears, but which is also home to the moon and the stars.

The poem immediately triggered a thousand feelings in me. The nights when I woke up in a sweat and (literally) full of fear of death. Now I only look at the stars and the moon and they are promising. Say I am really well and it is hard to believe that almost two years have passed since my brain surgery.

Astrid Volquardsen - Der Mond in Begleitung von Sternen
Astrid Volquardsen – The moon accompanied by stars


It should also be a glimmer of hope in Corona times. In the next days there should be clear nights again and just look up into the night sky and consciously perceive this infinite beauty.


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  1. Kerstin Langer
    | Reply

    Liebe Astrid, Mascha Kaleko ist eine unglaublich begnadete Frau , ihre Werke habe ich gelesen und dein Sternenhimmel passt wunderbar. Gerade habe ich mir die Sterne angesehen, bin jetzt im gemütlichen Zimmer, lese deine Zeilen und sehe dein Bild ….
    Liebe Grüße

    • Astrid
      | Reply

      Mir war Mascha Kaleko überhaupt nicht bekannt. Umso mehr freue ich mich über die Neuentdeckung.

  2. Thea Herzig
    | Reply


    ganz liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz!


  3. Amanda Windsor
    | Reply

    Beautiful painting.

    What stories those stars could tell.

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