Red Boat (5×5 inch)

Red Boat, 13×13, Oil on canvas, Astrid Volquardsen, 2016 180.- Euro (with frame) This little red boat belongs to a fisherman at the Baltic sea. One day I would like to go with them and do some sketches. Related Posts … Read More

Lighthouse (Oil on bord)

Lighthouse, 13×13, Oil on canvasr, (studio), 2016, Astrid Volquardsen 180.- Euro (with frame) This lighthouse needed further investigation.A slightly different point of view. Related Posts Preperations, Oil on board Workman 5×5 inch (Oil on canvas) Evening in the harbour (Oil … Read More

Live Painting in Oil

Foto: Marc Volquardsen 2016 My demo went very well visited and the gallery room just offered enough space. Here I explain the rule of values and how I proceed during a painting. Fotos, Marc Volquardsen, 2016 First I put down … Read More

Workman 5×5 inch (Oil on canvas)

Workman, 5×5 inch, Oil on canvas, (Studio) 2016 Astrid Volquardsen sold Those workman are always an inspiration. Especially when they’re engaged in a conversation and trying to figure out how to fix something. Related Posts Lighthouse (Oil on bord) What? … Read More

What? (Oil on cardbord)

What?, 13×13cm, Oil on cardbord, 2016, Astrid Volquardsen sold Near the new Elbphilharmonie they had installed an information center for the last ten years. This is how long it took to build it. This little girl tries to capture the … Read More

Evening light at the Holland Brook (Oil on linen)

Eveninglight at the Holland Brook, 20×20cm, Oil on Linen (Studio work) 2016, Astrid Volquardsen sold There is this warm glow of light that shines on the old warehouse district in Hamburg. Draws photographers and painters alike. Related Posts At the … Read More

Evening in the harbour (Oil on bord)

Abends im Hafen, 13×13, Öl auf Malkarton, 2016 Astrid Volquardsen sold The small size of 13×13cm takes over the oil . They make so much fun to paint. Sunset in the harbor, 13×13, Oil on cardbord, 2016, Astrid Volquardsen sold … Read More

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