Waiting, 13×13 cm, Oil on bord, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen It won’t be long till the cold times return. This painting will be part of my next exhibtion.     Related Posts No related posts.

Frozen, 5×5 inch, Oil on bord

These days spring seems to be on the doorstep, but not long ago Jack Frost had the lake in his firm grip. Or at least the pedalos.It won’t be long and the paddle wheels of these little touristboats will be … Read More

View to the Kennedybrücke

Blick Richtung Kennedybrücke, 13×13, Öl auf MDF, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen This beautiful atmosphere is from January. You didn’t have to get up that early to catch light like this. Blick Richtung Kennedybrücke, 13×13cm, oil om MDF, 180.- Euro with frame … Read More

Preperations, Oil on board

Preperations, 13×13cm, oil on board, Astrid Volquardsen, 2016, 180.- Euro mit Schattenfuge A second painting going along with the market woman from the previous post. This is one of the shipman who actually sailed the boat from the suburbs of … Read More

Market Woman: Oil on canvas (Studio)

Market women; 13×13cm, Oil on canvas, 2016, Astrid Volquardsen During my last show I did a demo explaining my steps. This is the finished version. In the painting you can see a hitosrically dressed market woman. In the suburbs of … Read More

Red Boat (5×5 inch)

Red Boat, 13×13, Oil on canvas, Astrid Volquardsen, 2016 180.- Euro (with frame) This little red boat belongs to a fisherman at the Baltic sea. One day I would like to go with them and do some sketches. Related Posts … Read More

Lighthouse (Oil on bord)

Lighthouse, 13×13, Oil on canvasr, (studio), 2016, Astrid Volquardsen 180.- Euro (with frame) This lighthouse needed further investigation.A slightly different point of view. Related Posts Preperations, Oil on board Workman 5×5 inch (Oil on canvas) Evening in the harbour (Oil … Read More

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