Madeira – Arco da Calheta

Altes Bauernhaus, Sketchbook, 2012 To sketch my environment has brought an aspect in my life which I had never taken into account in the beginning: To meet the people who live there. Of course they are curious what I do … Read More

Madeira – Dandelion Tree

On our way back from a hiking tour I suddenly came to a dead stop and could not believe my eyes: a big dandelion tree. A sight to terrify a lot of home gardeners everywhere. © Astrid Volquardsen 2012 It … Read More

Madeira – Hortensia Tea Garden

I just returned from a very nice vacation from the beautiful island Madeira, where we went for some wonderful hiking tours. So the next blog post will show some completely different sketches from what i usually do. Again this was … Read More