Plein Air Pastel Tip #3 : The setup

Foto: Svenja Starke, 2017 There’s a huge selection on easels available and you must find the one that fits you and your purse. I made a decision for the Mabef 23 for two reasons: I can use it in really … Read More

Plein Air Pastel Tip #2

You don’t want to fiddle around with paper sizes so that’s why I always cut in advance my format. It’s important that you can secure your paintings in case of rain. So a quick and easy solution comes in handy. … Read More

Plein Air Pastel Tip #1

Foto: Astrid Volquardsen 2017 Ahhh, I can hear a sigh of relief from my pastel lovers: finally. Tomorrow I will be heading towards one of the most beautiful islands Germany has to offer: the islands of Rügen in the far … Read More

Plein Air equipment from Best Brella

It looks like I have found a solution for an umbrella for my plein air painting. It’s clamp derives from the professional photo equipment and is easily adjustable. I didn’t try it yet in stronger winds but the spokes inside … Read More

Totobobo mask

If you work with pastels you should take into consideration to wear a mask to protect your lungs.There are various models available at the hardware store but I always had the feeling that I couldn’t breath so well. A couple … Read More

Pigments: A decission for quality

Besides the painting surface one of the most important tools of an artist are the pigments which she or he uses. Different kind of qualities are offered and in my opinion it’s essential for the quality and longevity of a … Read More

The Story Of Unison Color -2011 IAPS Presentation

During Summer 2011, The Managing Director of Unison Colour, Kate Hersey, travelled to New Mexico to the pastel convention where Kate attended as keynote speaker. In her talk she gave a brief history of Unison Colour and described how the … Read More

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