Plein Air Pastel Tip #3 : The setup


Foto: Svenja Starke, 2017

There’s a huge selection on easels available and you must find the one that fits you and your purse. I made a decision for the Mabef 23 for two reasons: I can use it in really windy situations. I rather won’t be able to draw a straight line with a brush than that my easel will be rurned over. If it gets too windy just place a bag with sand on the end of the easel. I also can use it for pastel and oil without needing an extra easel.

Furthermore I can attach the Best Brella easily.

Foto: Anne Fuchs, 2017

With my pastels I just place them on top of the drawer. Be aware that you might want to secure with an expander.

Foto: Astrid Volquardsen 2017

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