The effect of seeing original paintings

After this exhibition, I (again) am surprised how big the difference is between viewing and judging a painting  in the internet and seeing it as an original in an exhibition. I think the people tend to forget that there is … Read More

Alster boat Galatea

sold This boat found a new harbor. Related Posts Woman with mirror, Hygieia Fountain April shower Plein Air: Septembersailing Hygieia fountain in the courtyard of the townhall Plein Air: Old Ravenstreet

Icing ( on the Alster) Oil on linen

Icing,Oil on linen, 30×71cm, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen View here Portfolio Last winter I went back to Hamburg in the freezing cold to catch a glimpse of the icing, before it was all gone. I just love the sound when one … Read More

Woman with mirror, Hygieia Fountain

Hygieia Fountaun, Woman with mirror, 18×24cm, 2017 Astrid Volquardsen There are places the moment you enter them you immediately know that there is something special about it. This is a must go in the summer: the courtyard of the Hamburger … Read More

April shower

April shower, oil board, 22×30cm, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen The warm sunny days will be leaving soon and I can finally post one of my paintings from April. These kind of clouds are my favourite ones. Well, or maybe the summer … Read More


Waiting, 13×13 cm, Oil on bord, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen It won’t be long till the cold times return. This painting will be part of my next exhibtion.     Related Posts No related posts.

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