At the weir

At the weir, Guoache, Astrid Volquardsen,2020, Strathmore Skteching Blog, Toned Tan My first work at my new desk (height adjustable)! So slowly I manage again to hold the brush at the stretched out arm for a longer time Related Posts … Read More

Sketch: In the Melbye exhibition


Sketchbook: Gouache, pencil, pen I was back and I found some time for sketching while having lunch. So the initial sketch was done in pencil. I added the gouache later at home. Related Posts London Sketches Madeira – Hortensia Tea … Read More

The blue springs of Yellowstone


Sketchbook, ink and guaoche, Astrid Volquardsen, 2017   There aren’t many places on earth which left such an impression on my soul like the geysire and springs and pools as Yellowstone did. Right at the first stop the blue and … Read More

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