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We conquer new worlds   Since this weekend and in time for the beginning of spring, we are proud owners of a so called step tandem. I can step in front as stoker, secured with a belt, or let it … Read More

Life is for living

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Set goals, go for it and then just enjoy living and stop worrying. You alone are responsible for the colors that fill your blank canvas of life. No one else. I want to thank all the people who bought a … Read More

Warm up

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Warm up, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen Recently I started using black/white studies for my warm ups in the studio. After 20 Minutes I have reached my right side of the brain. I use Ultramarine Blue/ Burnt Umber/ Titan white to mix … Read More

Quo Vadis?

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Looking back this past year has brought many positive changes and many artistic changes. I`ve learned so much and I loved this experience. My personal growth resonated with my surroundings and it was quite interesting to watch their reactions. I … Read More


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Foto: Marc Volquardsen   I have had this idea for a own website about creativity for quite a long time. Now it’s almost done. The German version is already online but you my dear readers have to wait a little … Read More

Setting goals

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Foto © 2015, Marc Volquardsen 2015 was a very intense year with lots of developments. Besides three exhibitions I pushed my oil painting and plein air practice. It is so satisfying to see the improvement and on the other side … Read More

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