We conquer new worlds   Since this weekend and in time for the beginning of spring, we are proud owners of a so called step tandem. I can step in front as stoker, secured with a belt, or let it … Read More

In my presence, people can laugh!

After a long time I’ll get back to you. This time with a laughing eye.   After I wasn’t doing so well for a few weeks, I’ve been on my way up again for 3 weeks. A colleague of Marc’s … Read More

Life is for living

Set goals, go for it and then just enjoy living and stop worrying. You alone are responsible for the colors that fill your blank canvas of life. No one else. I want to thank all the people who bought a … Read More

Warm up

Warm up, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen Recently I started using black/white studies for my warm ups in the studio. After 20 Minutes I have reached my right side of the brain. I use Ultramarine Blue/ Burnt Umber/ Titan white to mix … Read More

Quo Vadis?

Looking back this past year has brought many positive changes and many artistic changes. I`ve learned so much and I loved this experience. My personal growth resonated with my surroundings and it was quite interesting to watch their reactions. I … Read More


Foto: Marc Volquardsen   I have had this idea for a own website about creativity for quite a long time. Now it’s almost done. The German version is already online but you my dear readers have to wait a little … Read More

Setting goals

Foto © 2015, Marc Volquardsen 2015 was a very intense year with lots of developments. Besides three exhibitions I pushed my oil painting and plein air practice. It is so satisfying to see the improvement and on the other side … Read More

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