Toughts on playing


I play far too seldom. Not in the actual sense of playing, but playing with material. Just doing things without any intention behind it. I was much too focused on the next exhibition/sale that playing and trying things out was pushed into the background.

Astrid Volquardsen, 2020

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  1. Ute Schneider-Thalheim
    | Reply

    Ich glaube das geht mir auch so

  2. Judy Skulborstad
    | Reply

    HI Astrid!

    Thank you for the reminder!! I am going to make it a goal to »play« more and try new things!! Have fun !!
    Jay and I have moved to a new home in a new town that is on a river! so I did a couple plein air paintings this past spring ….. I think there are more paintings on the river in my future. I am now setting up my studio in my unfinished basement …… I like the space ….. Do you have any »tips« for me about having an »in-home« studio? :). No excuses for me about not being able to get to the studio!! Haha! :)

    I love the work you are doing!


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