Am Skagerrak, Pastell, 40x 70cm, Astrid Volquardsen This painting goes home with a new collector. It moved me so much when I framed it and had a last look. It reminded me so strongly about the time I had spend … Read More

Unison Pastels

Just for pure enjoyment and inspiration. Related Posts Plein Air Pastel Tip #1 Biike Evening Glow Pigments: A decission for quality Pigments

Plein Air Pastel Tip #3 : The setup

Foto: Svenja Starke, 2017 There’s a huge selection on easels available and you must find the one that fits you and your purse. I made a decision for the Mabef 23 for two reasons: I can use it in really … Read More

Plein Air Pastel Tip #2

You don’t want to fiddle around with paper sizes so that’s why I always cut in advance my format. It’s important that you can secure your paintings in case of rain. So a quick and easy solution comes in handy. … Read More

Plein Air Pastel Ruegen

Our homes for the week, Foto Astrid Volquardsen There are painting workshops who will leave a deep impact on the artist soul and this journey to the island of Rügen was one of them. A truly remarkable group, super weather, … Read More

Plein Air Pastel: Chalk Cliff

Today we spend a most beautiful day at the chalk cliffs of Rügen.   Foto: Astrid Volquardsen, Rügen 2017 Chalk cliff, Studie, Pastel 15×15 cm, 2017 In my next blog post i say something how to transport the pastels. Related … Read More

Plein Air Pastel Tip #1

Foto: Astrid Volquardsen 2017 Ahhh, I can hear a sigh of relief from my pastel lovers: finally. Tomorrow I will be heading towards one of the most beautiful islands Germany has to offer: the islands of Rügen in the far … Read More

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