Backlight, Guoache, 2ox2o cm, Astrid volquardsen It was a hot day with blue skies as the woman stepped out of the National Gallery. The difference in lighting could not have been greater: The subdued light inside the Gallery and outside … Read More

The Determiner


The Determinater, Guoache, Astrid Volquardsen, 2020     Well, who is the winner here? Red against blue, blue against red? Above all, I was fascinated by the posture. Let’s hope they have settled well. Related Posts Color and Light The … Read More

The reader


This is a preliminary study from the play about the Bronté sisters. In a small hall my optical synapses immediately sparkled with enthusiasm when I saw the minimalist stage design: 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 people in front of a … Read More

Market Woman


In 2016, the Elbe Festival to celebrate the existence of Hamburg’s Sandtorhafen took place for the first time. How quickly time flies! There I met the crew members, who proudly told me about the new construction of their Ewers. (Uns … Read More

The Pilot

I’m really starting to get going. As the Elbe pilot. I find the combination of sketch, colour application and free space particularly appealing in the design. For me this means a new exploration, which gives me a lot of fun. … Read More

Madame S.

On a last warm summer day 2 years ago, she suddenly stood in front of me: Madame S. – as if she had emerged from a painting by Manet. She told me that she and her husband liked to dress … Read More

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