Woman with mirror, Hygieia Fountain


Hygieia Fountaun, Woman with mirror, 18×24cm, 2017
Astrid Volquardsen

There are places the moment you enter them you immediately know that there is something special about it. This is a must go in the summer: the courtyard of the Hamburger town hall.

Originally build in 1896 in memorandum of the 8000 victims of the cholera epidemic and to mark it’s special meaning of how important it is to have access to fresh water.

I returned several times to this place and was really taken by the warm glow of the red parasol which reflected with a warm glow on the wall.

In my next post I explain how I obtained that warmth.

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  1. Claudia
    | Reply

    Hallo liebe Astrid,

    bin biss verliebt in das Bild;)
    Das Motiv habe ich schon in deiner Arbeit mit den Kreiden bewundert! Und jetzt hat du es noch in Öl gemalt, sehr plastisch, wieder sehr, sehr schön!

    lieben Gruß

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