The effect of seeing original paintings


After this exhibition, I (again) am surprised how big the difference is between viewing and judging a painting  in the internet and seeing it as an original in an exhibition.

I think the people tend to forget that there is no such neutral viewing through internet and print media. Probably over 90% of how we look at  paintings, are over smart phones/ tablets and computers. But there isn’t a single one that can accurately achieve the likeness of a painting. The instant we see the picture the opinion has formed and is set in stone. But you can’t depict the color nuances, brush strokes, how pigments glow and the size of a painting and the impact it will have on you, if watched via Smart phone or print media.

My advice: Go to as many exhibitions as possible and see with your own eyes the difference it can make.



Aprilschauer (über der Außenalster) 22×30cm, Öl, Astrid Volquardsen, 2017

Größere Ansicht im Portfolio

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  1. Diane
    | Reply

    I have been trying to explain this to my clientele for a while. One has to figure out how to explain the other feature online viewing. We are seeing pixels, not paint/pastel projected by light, made by combinations of online color that comes as close as we hope to the color we have put on paper/canvas. It is only a facsimile, not a painting. The other problem is every monitor – large and small – projects different color. They are not calibrated to what you initially scanned into your own computer. These may be subtle differences or garish exaggeration.
    Bottom line: There is nothing like seeing work up close and personal. Go to the gallery, the studio, the museum and see what you are missing.

    • Astrid
      | Reply

      Hi Diane,
      and the customer tends to forget that this is not a real depiction of the painting, even though it looks so real on the smart phone. But that is just a trick our brain plays to us. I guess what really bothers me is that the opinion is made really quick »like it/ don’t like it«. I know this is the brain at work too, to make life easier and to make quick judgements in order to get around in daily life. I saw the reactions on my clients faces and a look of surprise when they saw my oils paintings.

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