Plein Air: View from the Krugkoppel bridge


Alsterlicht, Plein Air Studie, Öl auf Hartfaser, 2017, Astrid Volquardsen

On the warm days towards the end of summer one can have a fantastic view across the Alster lake. Because everybody knows the warm days won’t last forever everybody seeks the opportunity to spend time on the water.

Later I was asked by a young couple if I would see the world any differently than any regular person? Ui, good question. I indeed believe that a schooled artist eye sees differently. But that’s the same with any musician who reacts to different kind of music ora  sailor who recognizes the the slightest change of wind.

I am deeply convinced that if society raises their heads from their smart phones they would be surprised by how much beauty they are surrounded.


Foto: Astrid Volquardsen

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