»I’ll be able to paint again!«


I have five weeks in the neurosurgical department of the Asklepios Clinic Altona and two weeks in the rehabilitation clinic in Soltau.

What had happened?

At the end of April I was admitted to hospital with a seizure and shortly afterwards I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and dislocation of the right shoulder.

Astrid at the evening before the operation


Just a week later, I had my brain tumor surgery. The night after the operation, bleeding in the brain made an emergency surgery necessary, followed by a week in an artificial coma in the intensive care unit.

My right extremities were temporarily paralyzed by the bleeding and I had massive disorders of speech.

So my relief is all the greater that all my body functions have returned and I will be able to paint again. Since my right arm was fixed 4 weeks after my seizure, it will be a long process. But I can stand independently again and walk some steps with support and more and more movement and strength comes into my right arm.

Astrid is able to stand again


In addition, the next few months will be accompanied by chemotherapy, which I have already started in rehabilitation.

This short report was written by Marc in coordination with Astrid.

Plein Air: Cherry Blossom at the Alsterlake


Is there something more beautiful than this glorious spring day after this long and cold winter? A most beautiful morning, all the people are in a good mood, light everywhere, and the cherry trees are in full blossom.

I stand in front a  music university and the breeze is bringing me the sounds of a students aerie. Sigh. Cherry blossoms are falling down the tree. A 4 year old comes along with her mother, stands in awe, throws her arms in the air and shouts: »Mum, it’s snowing.«

At the end of the week I will be back, finishing this painting.

Sketch: Hamburger Colonaden


For the last weeks it has been a bit quiet on my blog. First there were the workshops and now its spring and I am hunting for my next motivs. Before I go into the oilpainting I investigate the scene with my pencil sketch.

Sketch; Colonaden; Astrid Volquardsen

Sketch: Das Hardenbergsche Haus or the home of the gardener


Das Hardenbergsche Haus, Goucha, pencil, ink


Last week I was giving two pastel workshops in Hannover. In between I had a break which I intended to use to sketch at the Herrenhäuser Gardens.

The Gardens are a heritage of the kings of Hannover. »The Great Garden has always been one of the most distinguished baroque formal gardens of Europe« (wikipedia) and I wanted to spend some time there. But a storm was coming in and even though the sun was shining, a fierce wind was blowing from the east and it made it impossible to sketch outside. So I took refuge  in my car and did a sketch of the house of the gardener. Well, he actually derives from a noble family and hold the position of a privy councillor.

Biike 2018


Last night we went to the island of Sylt to celebrate the tradition Biike. Something like a big bonfire. It was the first time we had no wind and rain from left to right but a glory on the firmaments sky.

Foto: Marc Volquardsen, 2018

Foto: Marc Volquardsen 2018

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