Plein Air: Norderoogsand


Foto: Marc Volquardsen, 2017

On Sunday it was time again for a trip to the wadden sea and the beautiful island of Norderoogsand. This time I wanted to pain plein air. I was really excited to start because I had only 90 minutes to complete my painting or at least get a start on this. I was standing with my feet in the warm water of a nearby tide-way, life was great. This is what I call living in the moment. No matter what the end result.

Foto: Marc Volquardsen, 2017

Wel,l the end result was somehow not what I had imagined. I was totally absorbed my surroundings that I had totally forgotten to put sun blocker on my feet.

Now I have a painful, but beautiful sunburn on my left foot. Quite nice shade of red.

At least I got the under painting and can finished the painting in my studio.

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  1. Kalle Zangerl
    | Reply

    Wie kann man das verstehen? Untermalung auf dem Fuß?
    Viele Grüße aus dem heißen Südtirol.

  2. Elke
    | Reply

    Das Rot hätte im Bild auch nur gestört :-)
    Ich puste mal…und wünsche Dir weitere, so gelungene »Barfussbilder«.
    Liebe Grüße aus Rostock.

  3. Judy Skulborstad
    | Reply

    Wonderful, Wonderful!!! I agree …… that is what I call living! in the moment!! I see you have the Strada mini …… I am wanting to figure out a way to adapt it for pastels (either the mini or the regular size) …… have to rig up an insert with memory foam. Beautiful start on your painting, Astrid!

    • Astrid
      | Reply

      I would probably recommend the regular size,because otherwise it will be too small. But bare in mind that with the pastels it’s going to be heavy!

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