Plein Air: The island Pellworm


20150726-Pellworm-102Foto © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

The Northfrisian island Pellworm is more and more treated as an insider tip for a holiday stay to decelerate quickly. The neighbor island Amrum and Föhr lure the tourist masses with their beaches which Pellworm doesn’t have. But it is so beautifully green and quiet. You arrive on the island, switch to your bicycle and slow down. It can be immediately seen and felt in all the tourists.

During our stay in July the wind blew with an unusually strong 6-7 Beaufort and cleared our heads within seconds. Luckily I had my painting gear with me and the cloud hunt was opened.

20150726-Pellworm-106View from the Hollandwarft, 20×30cm, Oil,Canvas mounted on board © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

675.- Euro inkl. Schattenfuge

We stayed at the Hollandwarft, another insider tip of mine. The former farm was changed to holiday apartments in the Northfrisian style with a lot of attention to details.


Foto © R.Castan

One of those details is the kitchen counter with the looks of a sailboat. So beautiful and pleasing not only to the artist eye. The tiles on the wall with motives of ships were a very typical element of the Frisian home, like in the Netherlands.The artist Jens Mylin has created this awesome kitchen.


Foto © R.Castan

During the week the weather changed and the rainclouds came in. I’m glad I changed to oil for my plein air set up because sometimes the rain poured down on me but I could continue to paint. I was just one with the elements and the painting represents this so well for me.

20150727-Pellworm-151Foto © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

20150727-Pellworm-150At the Waldhusentief, 20×30cm, Oil, canvas mounted on board © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

675.- Euro inkl. Schattenfuge

The next day The rain wasn’t as bad but the wind took on force with 7 Beaufort and the gale was coming strong from the west as you can see in the photograph. I found shelter in the shadow of a small hut so I wasn’t blown away.I love this painting so much, it represents the movement of the clouds and the light of that day.


At the Waldhusentief-Cloud gap, 20×30cm, Öl, © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

675.- Euro inkl. Schattenfuge

In two weeks time (9. August) the paintings will be dry and I can varnish them and do a better photograph. On a hunt in conditions like these taking a good foto sometimes fells short.

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2 Responses

  1. werner osterrath
    | Reply

    ….wenn der Urlaub mal wieder wie Kino war..
    all die neuen Eindrücke..
    vielleicht nette Menschen kennen gelernt…
    die dolle Landschaft,viele schöne Motive…..
    ..die Welt,denn Alltag vergessen……
    ruhe …..runter kommen….
    ich denke du hattest einen schönen Urlaub
    Gruß Werner

    • Astrid
      | Reply

      Ja, den hatten wir. Einfach mal Ruhe und Zeit haben und die Landschaft genießen.

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