Calm surface

Stilles Land, 13×21 cm, Pastell, 2010
© Astrid Volquardsen


My next figurative picture is on my easel; work in progress so to say.
After all this rain over the last days, the green of nature seems to be overwhelming. So here’s one pastell all in blue, because I’m longing for the sea.

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  1. Casey Klahn
    | Reply

    This one is shining.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with figures.

  2. RUDHI - Chance
    | Reply

    Das ist ein wunderwunderschönes Landschafts-Pastell! Ich bin ernsthaft versucht zu fragen, ob es für mich erschwinglich wäre!

  3. Karin Goeppert
    | Reply

    It is great how you can go from landscape painting to figures – I like them very much. I really sucked up what you wrote about the workshop and then I read Margaret Dyers blog. I wonder if she takes all levels. It sounds almost intimidating.

  4. Astrid Volquardsen
    | Reply

    Hi Casey,
    thanks so much.

    danke Rudhi. Ich schicke dir mal eine Mail.

    Hi Karin,
    thanks so much. Before the class started I felt kind of intimidated too, but there's certainly no need to be. Margaret is a very nice person and we did have all kind of levels. She takes everyone regardless of the artistic knowledge.

  5. Antonio Luis
    | Reply

    Es ist wirklich schön. Das südliche Licht ist anders, intensiver, aber alles hat seine eigene Schönheit.

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