Wildkogel: Sunrise


Blick zum Raben-Kogel, Pastell, 15×20cm,

2010 © Astrid Volquardsen

The perception is running high these days. I woke up at 5 a.m. and one look out of the window promised a beautiful sunrise. We put on warm clothes, took the easel and at half past five we were ready. We had a free view to the summits of the alps, but the clouds blocked the view into the valleys. Only in some spare moments we could see the lights of the villages through the cloud cover.

It is challenging to paint in the twilight. I could see quite well on my paper, but I could only guess what pastel stick I picked, because my pastelbox was still in the shadow. So it’s kind of true when Richard Mckinley stretches the importance of a working order in your pastel box.

The colors weren’t all right, but the light was changing so fast, so that I sticked to the rule to get the values right.

I think, this was one of my best plein air experiences I had ever had.

2010, © Astrid Volquardsen

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  1. Katherine van Schoonhoven
    | Reply

    What a beautiful place to paint! I can understand why this counts as one of your best plein air experiences … and maybe one of your coldest, too?

  2. loriann
    | Reply

    I can tell by your painting that your senses were permeated by the air and the experience. These amazing times are why plein air painting, in all kinds of weather is just plain wonderful!

  3. Astrid Volquardsen
    | Reply

    Hi Katherine,
    it wasn't as cold as it looked liked. Only my hands were a bit chilly.

    Hi Loriann,
    isn't it funny how this shows in the painting? And yes, that's why painting outside is just so wonderful-

  4. Anonymous
    | Reply

    wow… die Aussicht ist grandios. Ich friere allerdings schon beim hinschauen :)
    Ich hoffe, Ihr habt alle ein paar ganz tolle Tage in Österreich und ganz viele schöne Erlebnisse.
    LG Kendra

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