Endless bliss I, Pastell, 30×30cm, © Astrid Volquardsen, 2011

On the cliff line of the Danish peninsula Broager Land at Frydebhavn one has a terrific view of the Flensborg Fjord towards the infinite horizon which opens out into the Baltic Sea. Here you can usually see spectacular cloud formations, something which I like to call “a sky movie”. Depending on the season, this part of the world can be adorned with lots of sailing boats. On the other side of the Fjord you can see the German coastline with the beautiful nature reserve landscape of the Gelting Bay. This is a place where your soul can come to rest and where you can experience utter bliss.

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  1. Casey Klahn
    | Reply

    Exceptional beauty in this seascape. Very fine work, Asti.

  2. Astrid
    | Reply

    Hi Casey,
    thanks so much. I am very fond of this I must admit.

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