Keep everything in order or how to overcome chaos


Richard is a very organized person. We kind of joked about it, how orderly his pastel assortment is set up. Mine would stay exactly like this for 10 minutes after the painting process had begun. I know where to find my sticks (kind of), but still Richard beats us all.

20.06.2011 - Unser Kofferraum
20.06.2011 – Our Car

His tidiness doesn’t stop with his box. Even in his car trunk everything has its place and its order. If you looked in our car trunk it’s more like chaos, organized chaos, but still chaos. ( We knew where to find our stuff, but maybe it took us a bit longer.)

20.06.2011 - Richard McKinley
20.06.2011 – Richard McKinley

A couple of times I watched Richard coming to a spot and within minutes he had set up his equipment and was with the underpainting done, when the rest of us had barely even started. I guess, even though I will never be as organized as Richard, I have to think over how to organize my plein air stuff. Richard was always ready to start, when he needed to capture the light and didn’t lose any time with fussing around. Very impressive.

20.06.2011 - Richard McKinley
20.06.2011 – Richard McKinley

Have a look at Richards last Blog entry »being plein air prepared« in his Pastel Pointers Blog.

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  1. Casey Klahn
    | Reply

    That is amazing how organized RM is. Your report makes it even more appealing.

    As you sort out your ideas, I hope you’ll tell us more.

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