The artistic journey continues in 2013



To all my readers a very happy new year and may the positive aspects of life be with you.

The past year went very well for me and I am looking forward to my new projects, ideas and journeys as they are lying ahead. Some of them will be quite exciting and I will post about them at given time. The winter months I spend with continuing to paint my seascapes from North Denmark/Skagen. As well, I can’t wait till the weather turns more pleasurable and my excursions at Hamburg Harbor are more fun.

Again I am already very busy and it has made me think how important it is to enjoy the moments. As an artist you live a life of constant artistic development and sometimes it might be easy not to be satisfied what your are doing. Probably you can compare this to sports. You want to be faster, higher. On one hand this is good, because no growth without effort. On the other side there lies danger: You might never be satisfied with your work and tend to live in the future. »When I have accomplished this, when I am capable of that…« After all these years living a creative life I know one thing for sure: It is impossible not to develop your artistic growth. If you put in the hours and keep going there will always be some kind of development. For me this means I can be much more relaxed and actually enjoy much more the moments. This doesn’t mean that I am constantly happy behind my easel. Even though I might not be satisfied with my painting I can endure this in a much more relaxed position and enjoy the little moments. Being grateful for the feeling to apply color or how some red turned out, even though the painting as a whole might be crap. To keep this is mind shall be my greatest new year resolution for 2013.

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