The creative process of an artist II


Kreative Prozesse

Image © 2015, Marc Volquardsen

The creative process is not only inspiring but must be put in good working conditions during the following painting process. Especially if you are to discover new shores.
I would like to recommend the book »Alla Prima II: everything I know about painting – and More« by the American painter Richard Schmidt. It deals with the oil painting technique of Alla Prima (wet on wet) and has so many good advice regarding paining in general.

Last week I screwed up an oil painting and I should have been taken aback about the fact that I brushed in the same area over again. Later I read in Schmidts book that this is quite common among painters and called »licking«. Painting in one part while deciding what to the next. He gives a clear and detailed description of the procedure what to do during a painting process. In the very short version: For the hard parts slow down, take a break, and constantly compare the correct strokes for accuracy, value, edges etc. and then move on to the next stroke (Alla Prima II: page 23)

I know about this procedure but I realized that with oil painting I have not followed this close enough. »Alla Prima II« is about oil painting techniques but anybody who is into painting, regardless of the medium, will find solid advice.

His books are available only in English:

»Alla Prima II: Everything I know about painting – and More«: Northlight Books or look at his Website.

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  1. Karin Goeppert
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    Danke für den Tip, Astrid.
    Muss ich mir mal angucken.

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