Sketch: Das Hardenbergsche Haus or the home of the gardener


Das Hardenbergsche Haus, Goucha, pencil, ink


Last week I was giving two pastel workshops in Hannover. In between I had a break which I intended to use to sketch at the Herrenhäuser Gardens.

The Gardens are a heritage of the kings of Hannover. »The Great Garden has always been one of the most distinguished baroque formal gardens of Europe« (wikipedia) and I wanted to spend some time there. But a storm was coming in and even though the sun was shining, a fierce wind was blowing from the east and it made it impossible to sketch outside. So I took refuge  in my car and did a sketch of the house of the gardener. Well, he actually derives from a noble family and hold the position of a privy councillor.

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  1. Claudia
    | Reply

    Hallo Astrid,

    ich bewundere immer wieder die Aussagekraft deiner Skizzen!
    Ich tu mich echt schwer mit dem Skizzenbuch, vor allem mit den Farbskizzen.
    Wie viele Farben mitnehmen, wie anmischen… für mich (immer) noch eine Buch mit sieben Siegeln.

    Herzliche Grüße

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