2nd day in La Conner

13.06.2011 - Dakota Art Pastel
13.06.2011 – Dakota Art Pastel

We are fighting the jetlag and at four o‹clock in the morning we were wide awake. So we welcomed the dawn of the new day with our sketchbooks and a nice cup of tea. Because it was raining and we were very curious, we drove to Dakota Art, the candy shop for pastel artist. We were welcomed so nicely, but i will talk about this in a different post.

We appeared some three hours later outside and were surprised to find the weather as we just liked it and it presented this area in a beautiful light.

We are now very, very tired but our souls are very, very happy.

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  1. Brigitte
    | Reply

    Hallo Astrid -
    danke 1000x, dass Du uns teilhaben lässt – ich freu mich auf jeden neuen Beitrag u. bin gespannt auf die Ausbeute…

  2. Brian McGurgan
    | Reply

    Enjoy the workshop, Astrid – I look forward to seeing the pastels you do in Washington state.

  3. Casey Klahn
    | Reply

    Thank you for the update, and for the photos. The picture of the DT pastels in the seller’s drawer is better than a pastry and chocolate breakfast! Yummm!
    I hope you are getting your sleep, and I look forward to a picture of you and Loriann – I call that »when bloggers meet.« And, I am looking forward to seeing your views of Washington.

  4. Hallo Astrid,
    du bist echt zu beneiden. Ich hätte vermutlich viel Geld bei Dakota Art gelassen. Ich war auf deren Website. Schade, dass man wenig über die unterschiedlichen Papiere erfährt. Wahrscheinlich sind alle traumhaft O;-)
    Viel Spaß beim Kurs…. auch seine Bilder sind einfach göttlich.

    Viele Grüße
    Ulrike O:-)

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