Cap San Diego


Cap San Diego I
Cap San Diego I, 20×20 cm , 2013
© Astrid Volquardsen

Cap San Diego is a general cargo ship and today the only seaworthy museum freighter in the world. This ship belongs to the Hamburg skyline like one of our most famous churches, the »Hamburger Michel«.

It was build 1961/62 and ran a regular schedule between Germany and and South America. However, even on this route, the inexorable rise of the standardized shipping container left less and less room for conventional cargo freighters.

Notable for its elegant silhouette, it was the last of a series of six ships known as the »White swans of the south Atlantic«

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  1. Birgitt
    | Reply

    Supertoll Astrid!!
    Ich bin am Montag noch mit einer Barkasse ganz nah an ihr und der Rickmer Rickmers vorbeigefahren. Hamburg ist soo toll und die Hafenatmosphäre klasse. Dir einen schönen Sommer!!
    Liebe Grüße

    • Astrid
      | Reply

      hallo Birgitt,
      danke dir. Ja, die hamburger Athmosphäre ist immer eine Reise wert.

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