Art connects: From soul to soul


A few days have passed by since my exhibition and the paintings have found a new home or about to make the journey.

One thought has constantly coming back to my mind: How much (my) art and soul connects with other souls.I am always surprised and deeply touched by this. I always say that the painting and viewer will find each other, have an ongoing communication or simply fall in love. If they buy a painting the look in their eyes is that of freshly married couple on their wedding day. Some people would love to buy a painting but for different reasons it’s not possible. Some just want to have a look and get some inspiration. All is well and nobody does to have to make an excuse or explain to me why they don’t buy a painting. If we both enjoy the time we spent together everything is fine.

Thanks to all my visitors who took the time and visited me and had some interesting and inspiring chats.



Letzte Vorbereitungen

It’s a bit different when painting outside because the people didn’t expect to find a painter. Sometimes this leads to comments from people of the category joker: « If I stand here long enough will you put me in?« This happens more often than you would think.

Well and then there are all these very nice people out there I had met. Hard to believe that a bit of color on a canvas and connect people in such a lovely way. My thanks go to all these wonderful people and conversations we had.

One lady did especially touch my soul. She passed by, stopped, saw my painting and said: it touches my soul deeply, to see how you paint here outside and openly show your soul and creativity for all the people who are willing to see it.« We looked each other in the eyes with great understanding. She left with tears in here eyes handing me a 5 Euro note and wished me a nice cappuccino break.


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  1. werner Osterrath
    | Reply

    ..das Strahlen in den Augen eines Käufers bedeutet: Ja ich will
    mich ein lassen auf die Kunst
    in Gedanken im Bild wandern
    Kopfkino einschalten
    etwas kostbares zuhaben
    einen Augenblick festgehalten

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