Colour impression


Nach dem ersten Frost,Pastell, 13×21cm,
2010 © Astrid Volquardsen

Even though most of the trees have lost their foliage, there is still this wonderful reddish warm color in the air.

When I do this color studies, I don’t take any fotographs. I just stand there and take everythink in. Back in the studio I will bring my memories onto the paper, giving me a time limit of 15 minutes to finish the piece.

You can find older color studies here

8 Responses

  1. Barbara
    | Reply

    Very beautiful!

  2. Astrid Volquardsen
    | Reply

    Thanks Barbara.

  3. Ingrid Beckmann
    | Reply

    Hallo Astrid,
    wunderbar, wie Du die Atmosphäre von dunstigem Licht und Kälte eingefangen hast. Gleichzeitig erahne ich den warmen Raum, in dem das Bild entstanden ist.

  4. brian eppley
    | Reply

    wonderful light. Must have been a magical 15 minutes!

  5. Astrid Volquardsen
    | Reply

    Hi Brian,
    thanks so much, because you're youself a painter with lots of magic in your pictures.

    schön, dass es genauso rüberkommt.

  6. Brian McGurgan
    | Reply

    Lovely work, Astrid – I always like these Farbimpression pieces. They suggest so much with a minimum of marks.

  7. loriann
    | Reply

    Memory, well trained, create strong pieces. Love the texture of the fog and the highlight on that tree.

  8. Jala Pfaff
    | Reply

    I like this one very much. It has a lot of palpably bright energy.

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