Cloud studies, Guoache on AquaBord, Astrid Volquardsen, 2020 I have now finally arrived at a phase of experimentation. Everything is allowed. I particularly like AquaBord. It has the property that it allows very robust work and that I can wipe … Read More

In the semi-dark


In the semi-dark, 21×18cm, Gouache on AquaBoard, 2020 Astrid Volquardsen I love this atmosphere in the semi-darkness, when the lights go on everywhere. In North Frisian that is called Hualewjonken. Related Posts At the wheat field Backligt The moon accompanied … Read More

The reader


This is a preliminary study from the play about the Bronté sisters. In a small hall my optical synapses immediately sparkled with enthusiasm when I saw the minimalist stage design: 1 table, 2 chairs, 2 people in front of a … Read More

Market Woman


In 2016, the Elbe Festival to celebrate the existence of Hamburg’s Sandtorhafen took place for the first time. How quickly time flies! There I met the crew members, who proudly told me about the new construction of their Ewers. (Uns … Read More

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